How To Party On a Yacht In Dubai 2022 (All The Tips and More)

how to party on a yacht in dubai

So it’s time to have that big party and you are sure you want to have it on a Yacht in Dubai?

Perfect plan. You can already feel how exciting the experience will be and you can’t wait to have everything turn out fine.

But there is a big problem. You just don’t know how to start or where to start from but your date is also near. You are beginning to wonder if you can truly host this event.

Before you hit the panic button, stop! In this article, we shall give you a complete guide on how to party on a yacht in Dubai.

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Checkpoints On How To Party On a Yacht In Dubai

To get your party started, there are some checklists that you must tick off the books. Without these checklists, you’ll think you are ready for the event, only to be disappointed at the eleventh hour.

Check below for our top checklist on how to party on a yacht in Dubai.

Choose Your Party Theme

For a party that you want to have on a Yacht, you definitely have to select a theme to match your event. So the first thing to consider would be your theme. The theme helps you to know the kind of decoration to do, what types of food to provide, the dressing code of your guests and the kind of guests to invite to your event.

This is arguably the most important part of your planning process because if you fail to nail it right, you’ll get many other things going the wrong way. So always set your theme right.

Check For Weather Forecasts

For a place like Dubai where you can either have strong rainfalls or high humidity, you want to be sure of the exact weather conditions for your event. Since you are hosting your party on a yacht – which is an open space, you want to make sure that you have everything under control, as far as the weather is concerned.

You don’t want a situation where you are all set for your party but things are falling out of hands because there is heavy rain.

If possible, try to plan your party based on the season. If the season won’t allow for a yacht cruise, just don’t risk it. There are many days ahead.

After sorting out this part of your checklists, you’re up for the next task.

Prepare Your Invite List

The next task is to prepare your invite list. If you are just looking at a mini-event for your close friends, then you already have an idea of the people to invite. However, even in such cases, it is best to write down an invite list so you can be sure you didn’t leave anyone behind.

Same way, if you want to organize a mega event covering tens of people or a few hundred, then you may need to pay even more attention to your invite list.

You must ensure that those you invite to the party fit into your event theme and are the exact people you wanted to have on board.

Check For The Appropriate Yacht

This is also another important factor when planning your party on a yacht in Dubai. Since the yacht is your venue for the event, you must ensure that you select the right yacht for the party.

Some of the key things to consider here are: how big is the yacht? Can it contain all the people you are inviting? How much does it cost per hour or for the whole day?

These questions, together with the theme of the party, the size of your guest list and your budget for the party will help you make an informed decision about the preferred yacht for this event.

Get Food and Drinks

And finally, when you think you have everything else, well catered for, then it’s time now to go for the final work. Food and Drinks.

We both know there is no party without food and drink. So if you are thinking of organizing that party without food or drink, then please rethink it.

After designing the venue to suit your taste and getting your guests dressed in colourful theme regalia, you don’t want to leave them hungry and thirsty on the trip.

There are some key things you must take into consideration when ordering food and drinks for this party. You need to know if the yacht company provides drinks at their own fee or if you are allowed to bring your own drinks.

Also, you need to consider the number of people coming to the party. While you don’t want people to go hungry or thirsty at your party, you also don’t want to waste resources.

So make sure to order these things based on the numbers available to you.


Finally, it is time to party. If you put everything together just the way we have discussed in this article, your party on a yacht in Dubai will always be fun.

Some of the things you also need to consider when organizing such parties will be the rules on the yacht such as NO SMOKING and any other. Also, make sure to bring only people aged 18 and above as your guests.

Throwing a party is always fun but it is even more fun when you are on a yacht, rolling across the Emirates with some drinks, food and music in the background.

But what you never want to see is for the event to end abruptly because someone got injured in the process of partying on the yacht.

Therefore, it is also very important that you pay attention to the instructions of the yacht crew and ensure that all your guests also adhere to them.

To make it even simpler for you, take your guestlist very seriously. Do not invite people who are very likely to cause you problems.

So if you finally get to organize that party on a yacht in Dubai, we’ll love to hear about your experience and how much fun it was.

Please comment below. Let us know what you think about this article and any other thoughts you have.

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