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While owning a yacht can be quite expensive, our expert team handles both the management and chartering of vessels on behalf of yacht owners. As a result, Investors can potentially achieve returns exceeding 20%, depending on the size of their yacht. This makes yacht ownership a considerably more appealing investment option compared to real estate, which typically yields 5-6% returns in Dubai.

Dubai offers the ideal combination of an extended yachting season, low fuel costs, and a substantial population of high-net-worth individuals, making yacht ownership a commercially viable alternative to traditional real estate investments.

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region is also experiencing a growing demand for chartering services. In the UAE, Dubai has made significant strides in establishing itself as a global yachting hub, thanks to its state-of-the-art infrastructure and stunning coastline.

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131 feet
40 Guests
7 Cabins

USD 11,000,000

88 feet
30 Guests
4 Cabins

USD 1,590,000

88 feet
40 Guests
4 Cabins

USD 1,575,000

80 feet
35 Guests
4 Cabins

USD 2,650,000

95 feet
20 Guests
4 Cabins

USD 3,300,000

108 feet
20 Guests
3 Cabins

USD 2,400,000

115 feet
16 Guests
25 Cabins

USD 2,500,000

75 feet
12 Guests
3 Cabins

USD 2,600,000